Jennifer Lohse: President

Jennifer has served in the nonprofit sector for more than 20 years in a variety of leadership positions. She holds a Certified Nonprofit Professional credential from the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (formerly American Humanics). As the Program Director of the “Tucson Foundations,” she works with more than 50 grantees annually administering $2 million to the local community.


Gina Hansen: Vice- President

Gina is currently the Volunteer Coordinator at Pima Animal Care Center. Gina has a very diverse background; she was a respiratory therapist for ten years at University Medical Center until she switched careers and became a water conservationist for the town of Oro Valley. In the process of finding a career that better met her interests, Gina landed a job at the Humane Society where she grew to become in charge of the Pet VIP Program and develop other programs that focus on working with children, veterans, youth at risk, seniors and of course, animals! Gina has recently accepted a job at PACC and is working to build and improve their volunteer program. Gina loves her volunteers because if it weren’t for them, none of these programs would exist. Gina is currently an active member of SAVMA’s Board.

Gina an be reached at

Juliet Yardy: Secretary

Juliet is a native of Tucson, Arizona; she graduated from the University of Arizona in 2014. Currently, Juliet is a volunteer coordinator for the Boys & Girls Club of Tucson; she has been everything from a member to working her way up the staffing ladder. Juliet has been involved with SAVMA since January of 2015 and looks forward to the New Year ahead.

Juliet can be reached at

Diane Haeger: Treasurer

Diane has over twenty years’ experience as a passionate advocate for nonprofits and volunteerism.  She loves to create strategic collaborations, develop new programs, renovate and streamline existing programs and get people to work for free. At El Rio Community Health Center, Diane works in the Health & Wellness department coordinating several initiatives, developing curricula and guiding interns and volunteers. Diane holds an Executive MBA with a focus on Leadership from Grand Canyon University and completed a Leadership Development Fellowship at El Rio. She is currently active on the Board of SAVMA, Healthy Pima Coalition and its Health Literacy Work Group, and El Rio’s Service Cultural Competency Committee and Wellness Council.

Diane can be reached at

Kathy Janssen: Programs and Events

Kathy is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. She is a retired pre-school teacher and is excited by this new career direction. Kathy loves the volunteer world, having been a volunteer for various organizations for all of her adult life. She believes, Volunteers are the unsung heroes of an organization, they give of their time and talents to help without any expectations of reward. Most organizations could not do the fine things they do for the community without the help of volunteers.  SAVMA is a wonderful extension of that ideal and Kathy is honored to be a member of the board.

Kathy can be reached at 

Theresa Ulloa: Membership Coordinator

For the past three years, Theresa has worked with volunteers in many different capacities within indirect and direct services roles. Over the last 13 years she has gained skills in administration and management, project management, and program development within a variety of social service areas. Theresa enjoys working with volunteers because she believes in the work people can do for others, without considering the return; she also enjoys helping someone become part of something bigger then themselves. Theresa is currently works for Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse; she is the Domestic Abuse Volunteer & Programs Coordinator. Theresa is also currently an active member of SAVMA’s Board; she believes SAVMA has the potential to greatly serve the community by offering support and education to volunteer managers and coordinators throughout southern Arizona.

Theresa can be reached at

Jill La Brie: Membership Committee Chair

Jill LaBrie is the CASA Program Recruiter for the Court Appointed Special Advocate Program of Pima County. Jill holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education with major in Rehabilitation from the University of Arizona.  Prior to taking her position with the Court Appointed Special Advocate Program, she enjoyed a brief 7 month retirement after 28 years of service in the juvenile justice field with the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections.  Jill has been an active member of SAVMA for the last 3 years.